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Our very own, Mike Gidden’s recently had his home featured in the Fair Oaks Ranch Living Magazine!  The publication was kind enough to allow us to share the article and photos of his beautiful home with you on our blog!  Mike’s home is absolutely beautiful and we hope you will enjoy learning a little bit more about him and his home this month!

A Southern Gem On High Cliff Drive

Michael and Shedell Giddens Daughter Abigail, 17 (Junior at Ge­neva School of Boerne) & Garrison,14 (Eighth Grade at Boerne Middle School South)

High Cliff Drive in Deer Meadow Estates

How long have you lived in this house ?
11years, we moved in April 2006

What is unique about your house?
South Louisiana architecture with extensive use of reclaimed building ma­terials such as Longleaf Pine flooring, salvaged brick flooring and antique heart pine beam work. The exterior is constructed from reclahned bricks. Between the interior and exterior we used three 18-wheeler loads of Old St.Louis brick. The kitchen cabinets were built out of Sinker Cypress, found in the swamps submerged for decades providing a rich color and grain. Reclaimed interior and exterior doors hardware and decorative piec­es were purchased in New Orleans at The Bank Architectural Antiques and Ricca’s Architectural Sales Deep porches, high ceilings and roof pitch have created a very energy efficient home.

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Did you design or decorate it yourself ? If not, what company did you ?
Our home was custom designed by Andy McDon­ald Design Group, in Madisonville, Louisiana. We participated in the design process and decorated it
ourselves outside of a new wall treatments done by Christina Blackledge, Artist.

What was your inspiration?
Michael is from Baton Rouge,LA. We spent 10 years together there and both love the feel of a southern home. Our inspiration came from A. Hays Town,Architect. He was a family friend and iconic architect that inspired many Southern homes across Louisiana and Mississippi, blended styles of Acadian, Creole and Spanish greatly influenced his Architecture style that has truly shaped the landscape of South Louisiana.

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What is your favorite room in the house and why?
Probably the kitchen that opens to the keeping room, it’s the coziest room and looks out into the backyard, French Fountain and pool. We really enjoy the outdoor living space we designed and landscaped after living in our home for a couple of years.

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Did you decorate the entire house at one time, or over the years?
A little bit of both, we designed some rooms around pieces we already had but over the years sofas, chairs, rugs have come and gone and we have moved furniture from room to room because I like to change things around. It’s constantly evolving.

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If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?
No, probably wouldn’t change anything.

What advice would you give to someone looking to build a new home or decorate it?
Think about how your family will grow and change over the years and build to be able to accommodate those changes. More than the size, building materials and the stuff in a home….our home is gathering place for family and friends to make memories, find rest, and spend time with each another.

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