Gratitude from The Jones Real Estate Group

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With less than a week until we celebrate Thanksgiving, The Jones Real Estate Group has much to be grateful for!

On Tuesday, November 15, 2016, our own Greg Jones, received the San Antonio Board of Realtor’s GOOD NEIGHBOR AWARD  for his exceptional work with J-Jireh Ministries and the Open Arms Christmas Shoebox Challenge.    This award recognizes a REALTOR® who made an extraordinary commitment to improving the quality of life their community through volunteer work. Among the activities that qualify for consideration is involvement in affordable housing issues, improving the quality of education in an area, supporting initiatives aimed at a community’s youth, and work on any other community-based programs. Congratulations Greg!  You truly are the most deserving recipient!


With our hearts full of gratitude during this Thanksgiving season, The Jones Real Estate Group would love to share with you the things they are most grateful for.

Greg Jones has said he is grateful  and humbled by the opportunity he has had to serve the children who are helpless to change their lives.  Greg is also thankful for his relationships with family, friends and his association with J-Jireh Ministries.

Wrapping Party @ Linda Rudd's Office.

Gary Wolff is grateful for three things: Family, Good Health & Living in the United States of America.


Mike Giddens is grateful for his Jones Real Estate Group and Phyllis Browning families, the Currey Creek Church Godly Men and his beautiful wife, Shedell and his amazing two kids!

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Julia Arroyo is grateful to be alive and be blessed with a beautiful family, supportive husband and three intelligent lovely sons.  Julia is also grateful for the opportunity to work in a wonderful atmosphere with wonderful co-workers who have helped her develop her knowlege and excitment of the real estate world.  Julia is thankful for opportunities that allow her to continue to grow personally, professionally and spirtually.

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Ann Jones is very thankful for the love of family and friends!  Ann is  thankful for the good health that she, Greg and their children and grandchildren have had this past year!  Ann is thankful for being born in a free country where we are given so many opportunities to achieve our goals both mentally and spiritually as well as physically.  Lastly, Ann is thankful for the road that God has chosen for Greg and Ann to end up in San Antonio, Texas where they have made so many friends and a place they now call home!

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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the Jones Real Estate Group!



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