Proud To Be A Football Mom


Proud To Be A Football Mom







Some people have to wait their entire life to meet their favorite football  player. I have the privilege of raising my three favorite players!

I am Julia Arroyo, a proud football mom.  Jorge and I live in Boerne, Tx.  We have three brave and fearless sons, Jorge #34, (senior), Eduardo #13 (freshman), and Mauricio #25 (8th grade).  They play with the Chargers football team.

Being a mom of three football players is an exciting and unique experience- full of constant fun activities.


In the town of Boerne, football is a big event. It is such a joy to watch entire families  getting together every Friday night to attend the game!  Every game is a new and different experience.  I’m sure football will be a memory the boys will cherish for the rest of their life.

A mom will always be there to celebrate their win or to support them through their sadness of a loss.  Weather is no excuse to not be there cheering and supporting them. For parents, the world stands still when their son is playing and all their attention is focused on him.

I enjoy watching them play such a rough game.  Who would have thought, having been a ballet dancer myself, that I would one day find myself among football players!

Only loving moms can endure this!

I enjoy being on the moms volunteer team. The environment is one of organization, health, joy, cooperation, and love!  It isn’t an easy job- at times it is hard. Some of us work all day or have a very busy schedule.  We all chip in and help each other.  We’re fortunate to live in times where technology keeps us connected and we help each other.   Having three boys and three different chats and emails coming from different  groups, I often get confused with game times and even get on the wrong team chat. But somehow, my wonderful team is right there behind me, as I am for them!


We football moms sacrifice rest or free time too. On Sundays we go to decorate their lockers, prepare a bag of goodies, create an original and motivational banner. We even have to be tolerant of the manly odors that are prevalent in those locker rooms!    A Football Mom’s team also involves a lot of planning, organization and strategy- just like football coaches do! The Charger’s Motto is “All In”.  Everyone from the football players, football families and fans live that motto when it comes to supporting our Chargers!

Every home game, the Mom’s organize a big meal for around 100 robust players.  The Dads’ jobs are to set- up the monumental Charger Bouncer, whether the game is home or not. They also have the stadium Charger flags ready and the tailgate dinner before home football games. When the game is not home, we also need to have meals and drinks for our players ready.

Chargers blowup

Football Moms also decorate the float for the Homecoming Parade, and get the mums ready for Senior Moms. We are originally from Monterrey, Mexico.  The first time my son told me he needed to buy a “mum, I said to him, “Am I not good enough for you?”  I had never heard the word before as we do not use mums in Mexico!!Boerne Mum

I could go on and on and mention many other things that Football Moms are involved  in with their sons’ teams, BUT, above all, we have one focus — to always be supportive, motivate our children and encourage them never to give up!

We are always alert and worry when one of our sons gets hurt, whether it is our own, or one of his friends.  We always keep track of what’s going on with them.  I keep my eyes on the score but most of all, I keep my eyes on the pile and make sure my son makes it out of there!

Fall is here so that means our job has started! Parents go to the game for one reason, to send rays of love and support to the one loved person who is trying their best on that field, our son !

And that, my dear friends, neighbors and colleagues, is a little bit of what football mums, excuse me, Moms do!

Keep me in mind if you ever need assistance with your real estate needs!  It is my other passion when football season ends.  I love helping people find their dream home and would be happy to help you. You may contact me at (830) 446-0419!


Julia's Football Diagram

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