Great San Antonio October Gardening Tips, Coupons & More!


Fall in San Antonio is the perfect time to get out and get working in your yard & garden!  Our friends at SAWS and Tom Harris, The Hill Country Gardener, have some fantastic tips for making the most of your gardening in October.  SAWS also has some great coupons  that can help you as you make watersaving lansdscape changes this season.


You can plant roses this month through the winter. Use lots of compost &don’t plant them any deeper than they were in the pot.


This is the ideal time to plant cool weather loving annual flowers, including petunias, dianthus, ornamental cabbage and kale,
         phlox, and Shasta daisies.
phlox-w Shasta_Daisy_Alaska
Put your spring-blooming bulbs in the ground in October and November if they got 6 weeks of chill in the fridge.
Divide iris, phlox, daylilies, Shasta daisies, and other perennials.  Give half to the neighbors and replant the other half.
Plant perennials now through December.  Move any misplaced perennials that have already bloomed.
Refrigerate tulip bulbs for 6-8 weeks in a paper bag prior to planting in December. Do not put them in the freezer.
This is a good time to plant container-grown roses.  Add lots of compost to the soil for the best bloom next spring.
Fruits and Nuts
*        Continue watering pecan trees weekly.  Harvest pecans as they fall to the ground.
 Dig and store caladium bulbs for winter.  This is a great time to plant perennials–columbine, old-fashioned roses,
         perennial asters, blue plumbago, rock rose, Shasta daisies, daylilies and irises.
columbine how-to-grow-daylilies-6
Reduce house plant fertilization by one-half during the late fall and winter.
Fall blooming annuals and perennials can be kept in flower longer and will look better if their maturing flowers are removed.
Shade Trees and Shrubs
This is the absolute best time to plant trees.
Do not fertilize trees and shrubs now.
Consider planting some other types of trees this fall—Montezuma cypress, Arizona cypress, cedar elm, Chinese pistache,
          Lacey oak, Monterrey oak, Mexican sycamore, and bur oak.
mexican sycamore cedarelm

Turf Grass
Apply “winterizer” fertilizer in a 3-1-2 or 8-1-2 (15-20 percent nitrogen) ratio this month.
If you like to mow grass all year long, now is the time to plant rye grass.

*       Mulch is a natural way to enhance organic matter and retain moisture in urban soils.  Early Fall is the best time to apply mulch to your landscapes for maximum benefit.

*       Fall is the perfect time to make changes to your landscape and apply some fantastic watersaving landscaping.
SAWs has two great coupons to help you do this.  For more information on using these coupons click directly here on the SAWS Watersaver Patioscape Coupon &  SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon.
Plant cole crops such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and Brussels sprouts.
broc cabbage
Time to plant cool season vegetable crops: beets, Chinese cabbage, carrots, collards, lettuce, mustard, parsley, garden peas,
          spinach, radishes and turnips.
peas carrots radturn
Plant garlic cloves and onion seeds (on 10-15).
Plant fall herbs.
Good luck and Happy Gardening from The Jones Real Estate Group!
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