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The Jones Real Estate Group would like to take a moment each month to share with you information about one of our team member’s hobbies or interests.

This month Gary Wolff, wanted to share with you a community interest that he is passionate about; the J-Jireh Ministries Christmas Shoebox Challenge. Gary has been volunteering with J-Jireh Ministries and this event for the past 4 years.  In this time, Gary has had some incredibly heart-warming experiences when he has gone to deliver shoebox christmas gifts to children in shelters all around San Antonio and the Hill Country area.  One experience was particularily touching.gary

A few years ago, Gary went to deliver gifts to a shelter in Kerrville.  This shelter is home to children ages 1-18 years old.  Gary and the other volunteers, went about as usual delivering gifts to these excited and anxious children.

JJirehkids4JJireh kids1 JJirehkids2

After the gifts were distributed, the children opened them and were thrilled to begin playing with their new treasures, except for one young lady, about 16 years old, who sat sobbing holding her gift. Wanting to help and understand why this sweet girl was so upset, Gary and small group of volunteers went over to talk to this young lady.  The immediate question was,  “What’s wrong?” thinking that perhaps she didn’t like the gift she was given.  This young lady looked up at all who were there and asked a simple question, “Is this gift just for me?” The quick and immediate reply was, “YES-just for you!”  To this response she asked another question, ” Do I have to share it with anyone?”  The reply from the group, “No, it is all for you!”  Still crying, this young lady shared that she had NEVER been given a Christmas present.  She then began to gush gratitude for receiving something so special.


As you can imagine, after hearing such a story there was not a dry eye left in the group.  All the volunteers there experienced how selflessly GIVING can impact the lives of others and help each of us remember the true meaning of Christmas.True-meaning-of-Christmas

It is Gary’s invitation to all of you to GIVE and participate with him this year in the J-Jireh Ministries Christmas Shoebox Challenge and experience as he did, how GIVING can forever impact the lives of others.

christmas gifts

For more information about opportunities to help with this event or how to provide a Shoebox Christmas Gift please visit our blog  at and the Christmas Challenge section of our website at

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